Why a Custom Hat

Our proprietary hat measuring tooling lets us size not just the measurement of your head, but the exact shape. We use that shape to block out your hat, conforming it to your custom head shape.

Purchasing a custom hat from us means personalized sizing, the choice between 50% and 100% beaver, 21 felt color options, 9 ribbon color options, bound edges, and endless shape and style possibilities.

Use your imagination, favorite western character, or any of our nearly 100 gallery hats to inspire your perfect hats. We can build just about anything.

Place a Deposit

Hat Grading

Rating hats by X's is very subjective and changes with every hatmaker as there are no industry guidelines on what the X's mean. We try to keep things simple: 100% beaver fur felt, 50% beaver (blended with 50% rabbit fur felt) or 100% rabbit fur felt.

The finest hat bodies available in the marketplace today are sourced for your hats.

Beaver truly is the best material for longevity and durability, which is why we go through such effort to source only the best available. Beaver fur fibers interlock structurally with a higher density than other furs, especially when the felt is worked with expertise. The more tightly interwoven fibers of beaver fur felt bodies lend the hat unparalleled water resistance, structural integrity (holds shape and size), and generally feels dense and exudes quality.

Our 50% beaver hats are also very durable and are a wonderful option if you're not living day in and out in the elements.

What to expect

To make a hat to your size and specs, and the other few hundred we're working through, you're going to have to hold your horses around a year until you take delivery.

We both know it's worth it.

Your deposit, 50% down, will hold your spot in the build queue and allow us to immediately order your high end raw beaver felt body.

Lead time from order to shipped/pickup is currently 12 months.